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Who Is Beacon Capital Management?

Our Mission: To Be Our Client's Last Advisor. 

Beacon Capital Management is a partnership owned and operated by Pete Benson and Jon Maxson. During the initial planning stages, Pete and Jon realized they shared a passion for helping people and had common personal goals. Beacon Capital Management began as a company which primarily focused on helping people in or near retirement with the specific challenges associated with that time of life. Since that time, the business has evolved and now offers investment solutions for people of all ages.

Beacon Capital Management has grown from 2 co-owners to a company with 22 employees and a new office building located in Franklin, TN. Our clients, whose ages range from 30 to 80, come from all walks of life and are located throughout the Middle Tennessee area. Finally, Beacon prides itself on being a multi-generational firm that offers services to multi-generational families. We don't just want to be your advisors for the moment; we want to be your advisors for life – and for generations to come.