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At Beacon Capital Management, we are passionate about helping you fulfill your life's purpose. Read below to learn more about each of the steps in our disciplined process.

Identifying Your Needs, Goals and Desires

As we begin our journey together, it's important for us to understand your story. Where do you find meaning in your life? What do you hope to achieve? 

Only by understanding what you need to be fulfilled and what you want to accomplish with your life, can we design a purpose-driven portfolio to help you achieve those things.

We begin by listening, so we can develop a genuine understanding of what matters most to you. 

Stress Testing A Portfolio

Stress testing a portfolio is the process of trying to forecast what would happen to your money under a variety of conditions, whether related to political changes, changes in the market, natural occurrences like population shifts, ect. The process used to be difficult if not near impossible. The best you could ever really do was model how a portfolio would have performed during some historic time and just assume that an identical event may occur in the future

With economic modeling tools these days, there are literally dozens of events that we can model to gain a realistic idea of how they would impact your portfolio.

Beacon Capital Management offers a complimentary detailed analysis, which includes the following:

  • Portfolio Stress Test
  • Fee Report
  • Income Plan
  • Social Security Maximizer
  • Risk Analysis
  • Tax Analysis

Imagine Having Everything Aligned

Based on the goals that you have established and risk tolerance that you are comfortable with, we help restructure your portfolio.

It's a simple fact that, when pursuing any objective, you can never know if you've been successful unless you know what the end result should look like. After all, understanding where you intend to go greatly increases the odds that you will end up there. For that reason, every journey, every effort --every goal should begin with the end in mind.

Learn about our custom designed 'Bike Path' strategy by scheduling an appointment with one of our advisors.

Financial Solutions, Provided by: Staff, Support, Tools and Education

Intelligent investors protect themselves from the bad events first, and then take advantage of the good events as best they can. Our focus is on helping you develop a financial strategy that can help you answer, "YES!" when you look back on your life and ask, "Did I live a purposeful, meaningful life?"

Each portfolio structure will be different from person to person, based on individual values and priorities. At Beacon Capital Management, we pride ourselves on developing your purpose-driven portfolio to help you achieve your unique life goals.

Beacon Capital Management is dedicated to the development of your personalized portfolio. We have six registered advisors in addition to our entire team, all dedicated to serving you.